Alyss in Reality

Alyss in Reality

Once upon a time there was a girl. She didn't follow a white rabbit into a hole. She didn't drink the potion. She didn't have a tea party. She didn't beat the queen at croquet. She didn't visit Wonderland. Instead she was stuck in Reality. She realized she had to make the best of what she's got--so she called herself Alyss and made this blog.


So I love that this is helping me lose weight but the nausea and food aversions can go away


is there not more love for Adam Garcia on tumblr? He’s gorgeous and he can sing and dance and act. <3 (original Fiyero in Wicked!) I would grace you with a photo, but my laptop is being super slow and its 4am :(

Think I’m gonna bite the bullet and start applying for paraprofessional jobs today. Don’t want to wait until it’s too late for that too.

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